Euronda E9




Class B autoclave

Manages 5 B-type sterilization cycles (121°, 134°, 134° Prion, 134° Rapido, 134° Prion Rapido) and 3 control tests (Vacuum, Helix, Bowie & Dick).

Moulded chamber in stainless steel and certified PED 97/23/EC (Directive for pressurized devices)

Serial port for E-memory and data storage on SD card Integrated thermal paper printer


Water tank group completely accessible and inspection table (Inspection®System) for a perfect and complete cleaning as per the maintenance program and safeguard of the device

Equipped with the Process Controller, a genuine assistant for the use of the machine which visualizes the phases of the sterilization cycles and carries out the evaluation of all the areas

Large multilingual alphanumeric LCD display integrated in the command panel

Water supply connection through Aquafilter

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