Intraskan Digi Elite: An innovative and flexible sensor with the best CMOS technology, to get better diagnosis with outstanding images, saving both valuable time and space.

Intraskan Digi intraoral sensor works with Deep View dynamic and intuitive software that offers

  • Twain options
  • Easy installation
  • Up to 10 simultaneous users
  • Optimization of work time
  • Flexibility for the user
  • Easy information management

Myray Zen-X

Zen-X is an HD digital sensor used to acquire unmatched high definition intraoral images and make your workflow both simple and efficient.

Myray XPOD

X-pod, pocket-size medical device is able to produce instant X-ray images of diagnostic quality, not just previews.

Intraskan Digi

Software Features: Zoom Glass, 3D Rendering, Bone Densitometry, ROI Study & Image Fusion

Hi-resolution Digital Diagnostic Image with 20 lp/mm

DICOM Compliant: Easy transfer of images & Remote Analysis