Electronically controlled and micro-processor operated Class B Autoclave

Sterilization Temp: 121°C, 134°

Three testing systems (Bowie & Dick Test, Vacuum Test, & Helix Test) with two special program HIV, HBV long-sterilization program

electromechanical triple protection system ensures that the door is locked and the chamber is perfectly sealed

Built-in printer, USB port (optional)

Built in water tank for easy cleaning

Sterilization Class CLASS B
Sterilization Temperature 121°C, 134°C
Special Program HIV, HBV long-sterilization program
Dry System Vacuum drying system
Testing System Bowel &Dick Test, Vacuum Test, Helix Test
Control Presision Temperature: 0.1°C, Presser: 0.01bar
Tray Rack 5-layer tray rack with 3 trays
Operation Temperature 5-40°C
Main water tank volume: 18L(3.5L) 23L(4L)
Data Recorder: Build-in printer, USB port(optional)
Noise <50db
Water consumption in one cycle 0.16L (min) 0.18L (max)
Water Supply System Build-in water tank easy to clean, Cubage: 3.5 or 4L
Working Pressure/Temperature: 1.10~1.30bar/121~°C °C,2.10~2.30bar/134~135°C
ChamberMedical stainless stell 304, Max working pressure: 2.3bar,Main Working pressure: -0.9bar,Max temperature:145°C
Safety System Relilef valve(safety valve), Hand lock door,Pressure lock system, pressure and temperature over load protection, Aalarm system.
Chamber volume18L(ø245X360mm) 23L(ø245X470mm)
Loading size:18L(198X204X285mm) 23L( 198X204X385mm)
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