Electronically controlled and micro-processor operated Class B Autoclave. Three testing systems (Bowie & Dick Test, Vacuum Test, & Helix Test) with two special program HIV, HBV long-sterilization program

Euronda E9

Manages 5 B-type sterilization cycles (121°, 134°, 134° Prion, 134° Rapido, 134° Prion Rapido) and 3 control tests (Vacuum, Helix, Bowie & Dick)

Euronda E10

Class IIB autoclave. Cutting edge technology like E-touch Display makes possible to select 5 different B cycles & many N & S type custom cycles Changes color with the stage of sterilization cycle. With E-timer the test and time can be customized as per ones requirement

Aquadist & Euroseal

Cleans water from chemical substances, heavy metals and other contaminated substances. Produces 750 ml distilled water per hour Dimensions: 23 x 36 cm